Zephyr was an elderly blind albino bat who lived in the church spire.

Shade and Marina Edit

When Shade and Marina were attempting to find Shade's colony in Silverwing, they encountered Zephyr in a cathedral spire. Despite his blindness, he is very knowledgeable and has incredible hearing, even being able to purportedly hear the stars. Zephyr tells them more of the mysterious bands, and their connection to Humans.

He also provides Shade with limited information about his father, Cassiel, and shows Shade how to use his unique skill with sound. Eventually, the time comes for Shade and Marina to leave, and he bids them farewell.

The Sound Message Edit

Later, in Sunwing Zephyr sent a sound warning about Goth's plan to destroy the sun.


  • He's full name is Zephyrus.
  • It is unknown from which colony he is from.
  • He can see through the past and through the future
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