Species Silver-Haired Bat
Gender Male
Allies Java
Enemies Cama Zotz
First Appearance Firewing
Last Appearance Firewing

Yorick Silverwing is a pilgrim in the underworld. He traveled with two other bats, Java, a Flying Fox or Foxwing, and Nemo, a Bulldog bat. Yorick was their leader, despite being the smallest of the three. The reason for this was because he had the map to the tree, and knowing that the map could change at any second was often the cause of his rude and impatient attitude.


Yorick is a dead Silverwing. According to him, he died instantly after colliding with a tree. As a result, his right wing was damage even after his death, making it difficult for him to fly. This laming of his wing still applied to Yorick in the underworld.

After Java pulled Shade into the cave, Yorick was the first to point out the aura engulfing Shade's body, seen only by the dead. Shade was surprised to see another Silverwing in the underworld, but it turns out Yorick is over four-hundred years old and isn't from Shade's colony. He appears to dislike Shade greatly as he could have easily lead Vampyrum gaurds to the pilgrims. Yorick, at first, refuses to let Shade join them as he searches for his son, Griffin, but Java and Nemo do not mind otherwise. At one point he almost abandoned them, being as impatient as he is, but Yorick gave in and reluctantly agreed to let the other Silverwing join them on their journey to the tree. He was just as reluctant, if not more, when Murk asked to join them. It was Java who convinced them, as all bats, including the Vampyrum, have the right to pass through the tree.

Later the map suddenly changes on them. A frustrated Yorick grows angry and blames Shade and Murk. Shade tries to persuade Yorick into sharing he map with him, but Yorick reveals that he is afraid of them abandoning a weak bat such as himself once they knew the map. Despite Shade's honesty, Yorick would not share the map. However, Shade was able to recall echoes of the past, and located his son. They followed these echoes, hoping they would bring them to the tree. When Shade was seperated from his friends, he eventually finds them again as gargoyles on a spire idenical to the one in he city. Yorick was among them, and when he was freed he and the others finally found the tree.

He was tempted to take Shade's life when Shade commited suicide, desperate to live again. But he was stopped by the others, and with respect, he watched as Griffin and Luna were given a second chance, and in the end he enters the tree, passing onto the next world.


  • Yorick's name probably comes from the Shakespearean character of the same name .