Ursa fight

Ursa fights Luger, with the help of Shade.

Ursa is a black bear that has white fur, or a Kermode bear. She appears in the Silverwing (TV series).

Personality and Role in the TV seriesEdit

Ursa is neutral on the war with the bats, but is thrust into the war when Luger, leader of the wolves, elects her as representative for the animals. She wants nothing to do with anyone else, instead content to keep to herself and eat the food the humans leave for her.

She becomes an ally of the bats when she comes to the defense of Shade Silverwing, Marina Brightwing, and a bear cub who's mother was killed while crossing a highway.

After fighting off the wolves, including Luger, with the help of Marina and Shade, she goes to General Brutus to plead the Silverwings case, but is banished to the Eastern Valley for high treason by Brutus, who has been manipulated by Luger. She then takes half of the animals into the mountains.

Later, after dodging an avalanche, she leaves the other animals in a cave in the mountains in order to protect them from the wolves while she goes to help Shade and the Silverwings end the war. Along the way, she gains the allegiance of several black bears, who help her fight off the wolf pack, who have allied themselves with Goth. After defeating the wolves, she and the other bears appear when Brutus grants the bats the right to fly by day as well as night.

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