Species Spectral Bat
Gender Male
Allies Goth (brother-in-law)
Enemies Shade
First Appearance Silverwing
Last Appearance Firewing

"Gottthh . . . did I mention that I am slowly freezing to death, while also slowly STARVING to death?

Throbb was a Vampyrum Spectrum who was taken away, along with Goth, from his natural habitat for study. He escaped the enclosure and traveled with Goth, Shade, and Marina to Hibernaculum. He was turned to ash by lightning near the end of Silverwing. Goth meets him again in Cama Zotz's realm in Firewing, where Throbb reminds Goth of his memories. He had a band of black like Goth's. He is the secondary antagonist of Silverwing.

Silverwing Edit

Throbb was taken from his home in the jungle by humans along with Goth. They were sent to a research place where Goth forced Throbb to help him escape through an air vent. Throbb and Goth then met Shade and Marina, who they traveled with for part of the book. Later during the journey, Shade finds Throbb consuming a Brightwing bat, and realizes that Goth and Throbb are cannibal bats. Throbb soon develops frostbite, in correlation with his constantly shivering, suggesting that he is weaker than Goth.

Goth treats Throbb more as a servant that a friend, and continuously bullies him. It appears that Throbb stays with Goth more out of fear than anything else.

At the end of Silverwing, Throbb is turned to ash by lightning in a thunderhead while fighting Shade and Marina.

Throbb in the TV series

Throbb Character Bios

Throbb Character Bios (from the Silverwing season set DVD)

== Firewing ==

Vampyrum roosting

He appears in Firewing and tells Goth memories while in the underworld. Although he's dead, Throbb seems to act a little tougher to Goth, possibly because of all the torture he went through in the first book.

Silverwing (TV Series)Edit

In the animated version Throbb is notably less fit than Goth, often complaining about their predicament and groaning before flying. While Goth was given light brown fur Throbb got teal/blue, he cares for his brother-in-law and at each instance Goth (seemingly) meets his end he is visibly shaken. He survives the final battle but seeing as a number of owls was last seen in hot pursuit his ultimate fate remains unknown.

Noteworthy to mention that he bears a striking resemblance to the animated incarnation of Bathsheba.


  • In Dutch, Throbb is called Bonk.
  • In the series, Throbb is short and fat but in the book he's long and skinny.
  • In the series Goth and Throbb are brothers-in-law, but in the books they aren't.
  • In the books, Throbb's band is black, but it's more of a dull bronze in the series.
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