Sylph is Dusk's older sister and twin (by 3 seconds) and Icaron's daughter. She was Dusk's best friend, and tends to talk loudly.


Sylph is Dusk's older sister, and even if she's only older by three seconds, she is pretty bossy and prides herself on being a lot cleaner than Dusk (she says she knows she can always get a good meal off of Dusk, because once he had a colony of mites on his back, and another time he had a mealworm in his armpit). Despite being bossy and jealous of Dusk's ability to fly, she is loyal to her brother and is one of the few who sticks with and supports him when he's ostracized in his colony and abandoned by Nova after she makes Dusk leave to go find a place for the colony to live. When Nova took over as the colony's leader after Icaron's death (convincing Auster to give her leadership), she went back to see if the colony could stay with Gyrokus' colony now that Dusk was gone. But Sylph stayed around to wait for her brother and tell him what had happened.