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Welcome, Silverwing fanatics and casual fans, to Silverwing Wiki, the Silverwing Wikia, the defintive source for Silverwing information. We are currently working on 169 articles and welcome your contributions (in accordance with the GFDL License, of course!) You can check out new pages, recent changes, and statistics. Don't know what Silverwing is? Then read our summary here!

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Silverwing Wiki isn't a new wikia, having been here since April, but now it's low on the regular editors. So, we need you, yes you, to help us. Edit articles and add your knowledge to the site, and invite all your friends that can help us too.


Fanon of Silverwing shouldn't be done on Silverwing Wiki, but can be done on Silverwing Wiki's partner wiki, Silverwing FanFiction Wiki. See that wikia for rules on fanfiction.


If you want even more fun with making characters and playing them, be sure to go to Silverwing • The RPG It's a cool-looking role play site for the book, and it needs great members like you!

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A cannibal male bat, prince to the Vampyrum spectrum, is deceptive and cunning. He was taken from his home in the jungles by humans, and seek to return home, he and his trusty sidekick Throbb, whom he'd love to make into a tasty snack. His carnivorous nature makes him eat mant kinds of animals, including birds, enraging the owls against Shade. In the first book, Goth and his cousin Throbb are captured by humans, escape, meet Shade and Marina, and plot to follow them to the Silverwings' hibernaculum, were they could spend the winter devouring the entire colony. In the end, Goth was badly wounded and Throbb killed by a bolt of lightning. The demon-god Cama Zotz healed Goth and made him king of the Vampyrum spectrum, but Goth was killed when the high priest dropped a powerful explosive device on the temple in attempt to sacrifice everyone to resurrect Cama Zotz. In the third book, Goth's ghost pursues Shade's son Griffin through the underworld.......Read more.......

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"Gootttth...did I mention I'm slowly freezing to death while slowly starving ot death?!?"
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Shade Silverwing, the main character of the Silverwing series.

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