The series includes Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing. Some people consider Darkwing as the prequel to the series.


Silverwing (1997)

Silverwing, the first book in the franchise.


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Sunwing, the second novel is the series.

Sunwing (1999)
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Firewing, the third novel in the series.

Firewing (2002)
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200px-Darkwing cover

Darkwing, the fourth novel in the series.

Darkwing (2007)
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Fifth Novel (TBD)Edit

"I think there may well be another Silverwing novel, and it would definitely feature Shade, as well as Griffin and Luna and Marina. And of course Goth. I'm still waiting for the central ideas to come to me though. I never planned it as a series of any set length. After each book I waited until I had what I thought was an exciting idea before carrying on. I do think there's a fourth book coming; I'm not sure I'm ready to say goodbye to the characters or the world yet."
―Kenneth Oppel[1]