Nemo is a dead fish eating bat, most likely a bulldog bat, who had died about 952 years before Shade arrived in the underworld.

In the Underworld Edit

After Java grabbed Shade and dragged him to a nearby cave because he was making too much noise while searching for Griffin, Nemo was the second bat introduced to shade. Nemo had no problem with having Shade join himself, Java and Yorick on their way to The Tree, despite the fact that Shade was alive and glowed to all the dead bats. Though when Murk stopped the Pilgrims from leaving, Nemo was unhappy. Even though Murk had saved them from being taken by a squadron of Vampyrum Spectrum, Nemo still hated Murk, mainly because he was eaten by a Vampyrum 952 years before hand. Nemo kept trying to force the idea of Murk trying to trick them into an ambush, but Murk was a deserter in his kind and couldn't turn in the Pilgrims without suffering for his own crimes as well.

Nemo came to meet Yorick after he was part of a much larger colony of Tree-bound Pilgrims, though the colony was ambushed by Vampyrum and taken hostage, Nemo was the only one to escape.

Nemo also helped Shade look for his son throughout the Underworld, using his specially tuned ears to listen for him, as they are strong enough to hear fish under the water's surface. When the group finally meets up with Griffin and Luna at the Cave of Mourners, Goth attacks and, even though Shade escapes separately from Griffen and Luna, Nemo, Murk, Yorick and Java were captured by Cama Zotz and coated in stone, becoming gargoyles on Zotz's cathedral. Shade was horrified to see them like this, and so after he fought Cama Zotz, he used concentrated sound to shatter the coating on the four bats, and so Nemo, Shade, Youick, Java and Murk race to beat Goth to Griffen and Luna at The Tree.

Unfortunatly, they arrive too late, and they witness Goth kill Griffin and let his body fall to the ground. The Pilgrims chase after Goth, but he escapes through the Tree before they can reach him. Nemo and the Pilgrims then help Shade through the Tree after he kills himself to give Griffin and Luna a life force. It can be assumed that Nemo's soul returned to the South after he was released from the Underworld through the Tree.


Nemo was most likely a bulldog bat, having a scrunched up, whiskery face, two teeth that protruded from his lower lip, mouth parted slightly to give him a look as if he was always snarling and wickedly sharp talons on his back claws. 


  • Nemo is Yorick's elder by 452 years