Species Flying Fox
Gender Female
Allies Nemo
Enemies Cama Zotz
First Appearance Firewing
Last Appearance Firewing

Java Foxwing is a Pilgrim in the underworld. She traveled with two other bats, Nemo and Yorick. She is a kind bat who will not hesitate to help those in need, much to Yorick's dismay on several occasions.


Java is a dead Foxwing, having died naturally of old age.
Java was the first bat to encounter Shade in the underworld. She took him by surprise when she pulled him into a small cave in order to protect themselves from Vampyrum gaurds searching for Shade, who was foolish enough to call out for his lost son, Griffin. At first Shade mistook Java as a Vampyrum herself due to her massive size, but Java is actually larger with a wingspan of five feet. He was even more surprised that she was also a runt. She was the first to accept Shade into the group of pilgrims and has since then been trusted by Shade greatly. She appeared to be some source of comfort for Griffin as well, having instantly earned his trust upon meeting him.

During their travel to the tree, Java is incased in stone on a spire identical to Zephyr's spire, having become a gargoyle along with Nemo, Yorick and Murk. Java and the other pilgrims eventually reach the tree, and is last seen carrying the Silverwings (excluding Yorick) on her back. It is believed that she has moved on to another world.

Not much is known about Java. She says she once lived across the sea from where Shade comes from, but where in specific is unknown. After dying, Java lived in another Oasis far from the one Griffin found, and just recently she began her search for the tree after being preached to by Frieda. A conversation between the pilgrims and Murk lead to her revealing she ate fruit. Java also has no echo location, which Shade doesn't appear to be fond of, but with her large eyes she can see just fine in both the day and night.