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Humans are an intelligent primate species in the Silverwing novel series and TV series.

In the novelsEdit

Humanity is the subject of a lot of speculation, controversy, and superstition among bats. Some see them as messengers of Nocturna, meant to carry out The Promise. Others see them as evil beings. As a result of this, bats banded by humans could be respected as chosen ones or exiled as ill omens.


In Silverwing, human researchers had captured Goth and Throbb and banded them to be researched on.


In Sunwing, Shade, Marina, Ariel Silverwing and Frieda discover a building made by humans where they capture bats, sew explosive disks to the undersides of their torsos, and fly them to South America to drop them as bat-bombs. The Cassiel's rescue party becomes trapped in this faciity, and many of the bats, including Shade and Chinook are taken from the artificial forest inside, only to have the explosive disks attached to them.