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This article is about the Silverwing television episode, were you looking for Hibernaculum (Place)?

Hibernaculum is the twelfth episode aired of the Silverwing Television series.

Shade, Marina and Orestes stop to rest after escaping the mine and see Brutus and his forces flying above. They decide to keep going to Hibernaculum and warn the Silverwings that Brutus is out searching for them.

The rest of the colony, with Frieda as their leader once again, meet up with the missing males just before arriving at Hibernaculum. Frieda explains to male elder Hector (Chinook's father) that the war is beginning to escalate, but none of them have been able to determine what caused it in the first place.
Shade & Ariel

Shade uses his soundmap and leads his two friends to the edge of a waterfall, but can't seem to pinpoint the entrance. Thanks to some encouragement from Marina and Orestes' keen eye, they discover that Hibernaculum is behind the waterfall.

Inside, Shade is greeted warmly by an enthusiastic Chinook, who alerts the rest of the colony of Shade's survival. Shade is finally reunited with his mother and introduces Marina to everyone. However, the reunion turns sour when he announces that Hibernaculum is under threat of on owl attack and that he is traveling with a witness: Brutus' son. When Mercury returns to the colony with news that he's seen wolves in the vicinity, Orestes snatches Shade in his talons and flies into the Valley. Marina, Ariel, Frieda and Bathsheba are shocked to see Orestes carry Shade down towards the wolves, and begin to torture him in front of the intruders. What they don't see is that Orestes is actually pretending to torture Shade, and thanks to a convincing set of bluffs by the two friends, the wolves are sent off looking for Hibernaculum in the opposite direction. Frieda then agrees to allow Marina and Orestes to stay with the colony, and bans Bathsheba from the council after getting sick of her incessant criticizing. While the council meets to decide whether or not to abandon Hibernaculum, Bathsheba, in the ultimate act of treachery, goes to Brutus and reveals his son is in cahoots with the Silverwings. In exchange for the colony's safety and recognition as leader, Bathsheba promises to lead him to Hibernaculum and deliver the traitors: Shade, Marina, Frieda and his son, Orestes.

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