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Leaving Orestes behind, Shade and Marina fly onward feeling a sense of relief now that Goth is apparently deceased. If Brutus believes Orestes' story, they may not have to worry about owls either. Brutus calls another meeting of the beasts and informs them they need to select a leader for the war. Both Remus and Luger volunteer for the position, but Brutus sees neither of them fit due to conflict of interest. Luger, the scheming alpha wolf, nominates Ursa, the Kermode bear, as leader, knowing she won't care what anyone else does. Not realizing Luger's devious plan, Brutus decides that Ursa, being one of a kind, can represent the beasts fairly and appoints her leader.

Shade and Marina meet up with Luger and two other wolves in the forest who inform them that they don't want the owls to catch the Silverwings, because as long as the war is on, the wolves can hunt as much as they want and expand their territory.

After not being able to land at the power station, Bathsheba criticizes Frieda again, even through she had convinced Frieda to go there in the first place. Ariel and Chinook take Frieda's side in the debate, but Bathsheba is as determined as ever to make Frieda look bad.

Shade and Marina escape the wolves and soon find Ursa, a black bear with white fur and a tag on her ear. Ursa shows no interest when they tell her that bats are being blamed for the wolves' carnage and that in order to stay alive, animals are heading to the Eastern Valley. Instead, Ursa goes off to quietly indulge in some food deliberately left out by humans.

The Silverwing colony arrives at Stonehold as planned, but when Chinook enters the cave and reports that all the males are gone, it does not look good for the colony.

Shade and Marina find themselves caring for an orphaned bear cub whose mother was apparently killed crossing a highway. They decide to take the cub to Ursa, who shows no interest in caring for it. As the two bats ponder their next move, Luger and his wolves threaten them. Shade and Marina are not strong enough to drive them away, but in a surprising display of strength,
Everything isn't black and white
Ursa's instinct prevails and fights off the three wolves. Now realizing the threat of the wolves, Ursa promises the bats she will tell Shade's story to Brutus and make him stop the war. With the now powerful leader of the beasts onside, Shade and Marina breathe a sigh of relief, unaware that back at the power station, a claw rises up from Goth's burned carcass.
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