Chiropter Colony
Icaron (father)
Mistral (mother)
Sylph (twin sister)
Auster (older brother)
Many unnamed older siblings
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Dusk is the main character of Darkwing. He is a chiropter, son of Icaron and Mistral, as well as brother to Sylph, who is three seconds older than him.



Comparison between a chiropter (above) and Dusk (below). Notable differences are the number of claws and fur on the sails/wings.

Dusk is the first of his colony who learns to fly, which is different from gliding that is the natural ability of all other chiropters, where as Dusk can achieve lift and height gain. He also has the ability to see with echolocation, an ability he inherited from his mother.


Dusk rescued his colony from Carnassial, a savage carnivore, and later found them another home during a journey filled with adventures. His colony is driven from their home by Felids led by Carnassial, who kill his mother and seriously injure his father. After his father Icaron, who was the leader of the colony, dies, his brother Auster, the heir, gave his leadership to Nova, an elder and the last chiropter to have lived on the mainland in their colony. Nova tricked Dusk into flying ahead to scout the terrain and tried to convince the rest of the colony to go back to Gyrokus's colony so that they would not have to travel through the grasslands on foot with the help of Dusk. Sylph, Auster, Sol, and a few others stayed and waited for Dusk to return after scouting their new home. They then left, following Dusk, who led them across the plains and finally arrived at their home, where Dusk mets Chimera, and later accepted that he was a bat.


  • Dusk is a possible ancestor of Shade Silverwing and the fifth known chiropter to become a bat.
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