Species Silver-Haired Bat
Gender Male
Allies Shade



First Appearance

Hector/Plato Silverwing(Father)

Isis Silverwing (Mother)


Last Appearance Firewing

Chinook was a Silverwing bat in Shade's colony.

Biography Edit


When he, Shade, and others were newborns, Chinook was the center of attention. He was very fond of calling Shade a "runt". When Tree Haven was burned down by the owls, Chinook and the rest of the colony went to thier winter home, Hibernaculum. However, Shade was blown away during the journey.


When Shade, along with Marina, found his colony again, Chinook became romantically interested in Marina. After going in the artificial jungle, he enjoyed himself until he and Shade were taken by the humans. While the others plunged to their death, he and Shade landed safely in South America. They encountered a Praying Mantis that tried to kill and eat them. Chinook saved Shade's life by killing the mantis. This formed a bond of friendship between them. During Goth's plan to kill the sun, Chinook helped Shade stop him.

When getting back to Tree Haven, Chinook asked Marina to be his mate. Marina declined and went for Shade instead. He also became Shade's step-brother and Ariel's and Cassiel's step-son after he lost his parents, who were taken while in the artificial jungle and had plummeted to their deaths with the human bombs strapped to them.


Chinook found a mate, and years later, waited at Stone Hold along with the other males.

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