Species Pre Bat
Gender Female
Allies Dusk
First Appearance Darkwing
Last Appearance Darkwing

Chimera was a bat in Darkwing. She taught Dusk about what he was, and helped him realize that he wasn't a Chiropter, but a bat.



Not much is known about Chimera's past. She first met Dusk when she accidentally woke him up with her presence, while he was resting in a potential home for his colony. Upon Dusk's discovery that she was much like him in appearance when she used echolocation to identify him, Chimera explained to Dusk that there were three Chiropters in her colony, including herself, and that they were eventually banished to live on their own. As time past she and the other two Chiropters found refuge in a new colony consisting entirely of other Chiropters with the gift of flight, now known as Bats. Dusk was given the offer of joining her and the colony, but for the time being he had to refuse, however Dusk promised to return to her after he brought what was left of his colony back to their new home.

As his plan succeeded in time, Dusk later met Chimera again, who came to visit his colony. Once more she offered him to join the Bat colony, but Dusk was uncertain and would need some time to discuss the idea with his sister, Sylph. At the end of the book, Sylph encourages her brother to temporarily live with the bats, as he could easily come back at any time, and he leaves his colony to join Chimera. It's speculated that he and Chimera are eventually to become mates in the future installment of the series.