"I eased their pain-- took it away altogether so they could forget and know bliss."
-Cama Zotz

Cama Zotz is one of two known gods of the Silverwing Universe, the other being Nocturna. Cama Zotz rules the Underworld, where all bats go after they die. He literally sings his kingdom into being, with his echo projections so perfect that they can be seen and even felt.

Killing Nocturna Edit

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"We were meant to rule equally-- Nocturna the world of the living, me the world of the dead."
-Cama Zotz

In order to keep His subjects happy in their afterlives, Cama Zotz asked Nocturna if she would allow them to return to the Upper World. Nocturna refused, and Cama Zotz strangled Her. Where she died, grew a tree made of fire and life that allowed Cama Zotz's dead bats to return to the Upper World, ironically fulfilling Cama Zotz's request. It is unknown if Nocturna did this on purpose or if it was simply an after-effect of her death. Cama Zotz doesn't know that the tree sends his subjects to the Upperworld and sees the Tree as Nocturna's last insult to him.

Dualism Edit

After Nocturna's the two bat gods seem to fit the Taoist idea of duality, yang and yin: male and female, light and dark, active and passive, motion and stillness; Where Cama Zotz fills the role of yang and Nocturna fills the roll of yin.

The Underworld plan Edit

"After the destruction of my temple, I realized a tunnel was the only chance of liberating myself."
-Cama Zotz

Once the prophetic stone was destroyed in the events of Firewing, Cama Zotz had to look for other ways to breach the Upper World. He decided to dig a tunnel using millions of dead bats up into the Upper World, planning to open the tunnel during an eclipse. Enough animals would be sucked into the tunnel that Cama Zotz would have enough souls to kill the sun and completely destroy the Upper World, merging the two into an endless Underworld.

Another plan that Cama Zotz had to destroy the Upper World who had been given an extended life, to rebuild Zotz's followers and give one hundred sacrifices during the next eclipse. Then, Zotz would be given enough power to take over the Upper World as well as the Underworld and rule over all. Zotz sent Goth back to the upperworld with a female member of the Vampyrum Spectrum named Phoenix, Goth's mate.

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