Caliban is a mastiff bat who was featured in Sunwing. He was seen as the replacement leader of the survival group living in jungle at Statue Haven. The group consisted of bats used by humans to carry fire in metal disks (bombs) and were originally led by Shade's father Cassiel until he was captured by the Vampyrum Spectrum. Caliban took over as leader and was the one who found Shade and Chinook.

At first, he didn't want to help Shade save his father but later agrees to aid him after he talks to Ishmael, another survivor bat. He and Ariel keep an look out for cannibal bats while the rats are digging the tunnel in the pyramid. He takes over the roll of Mercury in Sunwing. He survives the fight and is the one who carries Cassiel to safety. He and the other bats finally make it back home. He presumally rejoined his old colony as he isn't mentioned any more after that.

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