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Bathsheba is one of the four female Elders of the Silverwing colony which Shade belongs to. She is conservative and often opposes the more lenient Frieda.


During the events of Silverwing, Bathsheba is introduced alongside the other female Elders (Frieda, Lucretia, and Aurora) when Shade risks seeing the sun, in spite of the taboo against bats seeing it. She bitterly opposes Frieda and the other Elders, who elect not to allow Shade to be handed to the owls for breaking the law. Bathsheba further questions Frieda's ability to lead the colony when Tree Haven is torched by the owls in retaliation for Shade's actions, forcing the bats to escape to Stone Hold sooner than expected for their yearly migration. She is not seen again during the novel until Shade reaches the Hibernaculum.

In the television series, Bathsheba's role is expanded into that of a jealous rival whose always vied for Frieda's position. From the beginning she openly chastises almost all of Frieda's decisions and continues to sow discord amongst the colony during their migration. After reaching Stone Hold (and finding no sign of the males, who were supposed to meet them there), she takes advantage of the situation, and calls for a vote on Frieda's worthiness as leader. Much to Ariel, Mercury, and Chinook's shock, a small number of the colony agree with Frieda, and the majority vote for Bathsheba. However, Bathsheba's lack of responsibility, experience, and compassion quickly costs her her new position as leader when her decision to roost in an aeroplane hanger endangers the colony and nearly causes the death of an infant Silverwing by an industrial fan. Her malevolent desire to permanently get rid of Frieda leads to Bathsheba abandoning Frieda in a wind tunnel after Frieda attempts to rescue the newborn, along with Mercury and Ariel, who decide to risk their lives to save Frieda.

In light of this,  the colony see the error of their choice and opt to have Frieda reinstated as their leader again, much to Bathsheba's anger. Bathsheba finally reveals her true colors after she is banned from the Council of Elders and agrees to reveal where Hibernaculum is to the owls, allowing them to arrest Shade and Frieda, and freeing her to step in as leader. However, a coup organized by Goth and the Wolf Pack forces the Silverwing colony to rally to General Brutus' aid, with Frieda leading the males into battle (very much against Bathsheba's wishes). Infuriated by her change in fortune, Bathsheba presumably abandons the colony and escapes on her own after the colony elects to join the owls in-battle.


In Sunwing, Bathsheba openly refuses to join Shade, Frieda, and the other Silverwing bats who decide to go and find Cassiel and other missing bats from their colony. The Hibernaculum is later attacked by owls, who manage to kill many bats. It is unknown if she escaped or if she was killed.

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