Species Silver-Haired Bat
Gender Female
Allies Shade Silverwing, Marina Brightwing, Frieda, Griffin
Enemies Goth, Throbb, Owls
First Appearance Silverwing
Last Appearance


Ariel is Shade's mother and Cassiel's mate. She is a strict and wise mother and worries often for her son. She is only mentioned in the first half of the first book and the last few pages. She tells Shade he would meet his brothers at Hibernaculum which means she and Cassiel must have had other children but none were mentioned. In Sunwing her role becomes bigger as she and Marina go looking for Shade and Chinook in the jungle. She adds Caliban the leader of the captive bats at the jungle. She becomes an elder of the Silverwing colony at the end of Sunwing. She and Cassiel adopt Chinook after Shade asks them.

Silverwing TV SeriesEdit

Ariel was seen as the proctive mother of Shade in Silverwing (TV Series). She was injured when a tree branch fell on her but thanks to Chinook she was able to be freed. After Shade gets seperated, she is seen worried and often glances around looking for her son. She forgives Chinook after he tells her, Tree Haven's burning was as much as his fault as Shade's. She however does defend Shade when ever Bathsheba talks bad about him. She and Mercury save Frieda in the wind tunnel and are the only ones beside Chinook who vote for Frieda as Head Elder, however Bathsheba wins. She is very trusting and believes Marina when she tells her Orestes would her Shade or the other Silverwing. At the end of the show she starts to tell Shade about the truth of his father's disappearance..
Ariel Character Bios

Ariel Character Bios (from the Silverwing season set DVD)


Mate: Cassiel
Ariel Silverwing


Adopted son: Chinook

Grandson: Griffin